Membership Information

With our group dynamics, we never have a 'typical' meeting. Kiwanis translated means "We have a good time" or "We make noise." We seem to always be having a good time and making lots of noise during our meetings!

After having fellowship time before and during our meal, we will bring the meeting to order, sing some songs, share our "lucky buck" stories from the week (the buck is the dollar you donate to share your story), and proceed either with an agenda or have a program.

If you are interested in changing your community one child at a time, then Kiwanis is for you. Stop by the Old No. 1 Bar & Grill on Mondays at noon to see how together, we can help the children of Morris.

Why be a member of Kiwanis?

Being a Kiwanian keeps me connected with the core of the community. Our local group is very lively and has a lot of humor. Even though we are very diversified, we connect for a common purpose of building community.

Neil Thielke

I became a member out of a sense that I should serve the community and make business contacts. I stay a member because I derive satisfaction from serving the community and because I enjoy the company of the other members of the club so much!

Morris Kiwanis Member

Joining Kiwanis is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Every town needs active service clubs to help kids develop and to connect adults outside of their professions. Here in Morris that club has been Kiwanis.
We meet on Mondays at noon at the Old Number One in the back corner. Together we raise money for youth projects like the splash park and we sponsor events like the Talent Show in the park. To make that happen, local businesses recruit rising stars to join service clubs. Most businesses sponsor the cost of membership because they realize that they are part of the community and they also realize that this is a terrific way for their company to connect with the other local business leaders that are working to make a better tomorrow. What improves Morris also improves your business. So join us next Monday for lunch. You will be glad that you did.

Charlie Oakes
Executive Director, Stevens County DAC

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